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Hey! My name is Amber, or some people call me “crazy cat lady” or “Who are you?” Cute stuff like that. A little bit about me is I grew up in Ontario, Canada and I’ve been tattooing for about 5 years, I specialize in black and grey/ illustrative. I love to take any idea and make it what people call my creepy-cute aesthetic, I especially love to take anime characters and re-imagine them in my own style and hopefully give every client something unique to them!


Other subjects I love to tattoo are fairies, mushrooms, plants, insects and creepy folklore. Since I was young my biggest influences in art have been anime, cartoons and those inked magazines at convenience stores. If you ask me for my anime recommendations I will happily give it as well as any photos of my cats, though I’ll probably show you them wether you wanted to see them or not. Amber 🖤



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