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Hey! I’m Cocoa Bean, AKA Jolene, but feel free to call me Joe! I’m an apprentice tattooer, and I have been tattooing on skin for around a year and a half! I love tattooing anything cute and colourful neotraditional style, anime, and ornamental flowers. My mentor, Sydney (@oodles_of_tattoodles), is not only a wonderful friend, but also a huge inspiration for me art-wise. I’ve always been drawn to colour tattoos, and I hope to create my own recognizable style as I progress in my tattoo career. Watch my progress as an artist on Instagram!


Outside of the studio, I also work in the film industry! I’ve got two mischievous cats at home named Cocoa and Beans. I’m completely obsessed with them, and they are, objectively speaking, the cutest cats in the entire world. Lately I’ve been a bit of a homebody - I play video games and love trying to cook new recipes in my spare time. I also love watching anime and reading manga. I watch a wide variety of things, but I always love to squeal with my besties at a good romance anime. 

Book in with me and let’s make something cool!



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