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Hi, My name is Sydney and I’m a tat slaying amazonian goblin queen from the future. 

I love tattooing animals, flowers and nerdy themes. My husband says I am the “rootinest tootenist snack enthusiastnest, animal wranglinest” girl he knows. I have a beautiful husky, a well mannered elderly cat, a literal demon spawn of an orange cat and a glorified paperweight named “steve” thats secretly a bearded dragon, and double secretly controls the weather. Probably, I have seen him do it. His wizard name is “stevalthazar balbalthazar” if that makes it more believable.  

My favorite season is fall, my favorite place is my bed, and my favorite tattoo I have ever done will probably be  yours because you are the best and you deserve the best <3 

Another fun fact about me is that I have no idea how to write an “about me” 👍 Thanks for reading this far, I commend you. If I’m not the artist for you thats okay we have lots of amazing talent in this shop and you would be a FOOL to not get tattooed here. 

Be careful I’ll get Stevalthazar Balbalthazar to make it rain on your birthday. Unless you like rain on your birthday you freak you. Much love <3 Bye. 

“The grass is greenest where you water it” - Some guy, somewhere, a while ago, probably.



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